Thursday, August 11, 2011

way too long...

Well friends it has been nearly a year since I posted last which is totally inexcusable. So for the next few posts I will be getting caught back up with pictures and such. It may take me a while so I apologize....

Fall 2010 Trip to Eckert's Farm!

We had so much fun at Eckert's Farm! We saw the pig races and pumpkins being shot through the air by a cannon! Grandma Weiler came out to enjoy the day with us as well as our friend from church Heather. We had a great time on the farm.

Halloween 2010

Our very own lion.

Noelle loves her Aunt Jodi :)

For Noelle's first Halloween we dressed her up and went to the Alton Halloween Parade with Jodi, Andre and all of Andre's family. We also tried to pass out candy at our house, but only one person Mommy and Daddy had a lot of candy left over!

Thanksgiving 2010

While at Grandma and Grandpa Weiler's house for Thanksgiving Noelle took her first steps. We were so excited to see her be so independent. She decided that she didn't really want that bad because she didn't really start walking a lot until about a week later.

For our family Christmas card we went to Jodi's house...Thanks Jodi! It took us quite a while to get a good picture, between Noelle and David playing and making silly faces but as always we had fun.

Next post will be Noelle's First Birthday!!! I know you can't wait!

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